1. Clients who request these kinds of product reviews want to use them to make money through Amazon affiliate marketing. So, try to write a positive review. Don’t talk much about negatives.2. Your introduction should be as informative and engaging as possible. It should be related to the product, not the Company. Don’t make it sound like a verdict. Let the reader find out about the product in the body of the article.3. Don’t say that you have used or bought the product unless the client wants you to give your review a personal touch (share the personal experience).4. Use second-person point of view. Try to talk to the reader/potential buyer directly. Minimize use of third-person point of view5. Identify the features and try to link them with their benefit. And of course, try to convince the reader why the product is better compared to the others. For instance:The phone has a 16-megapixel camera (feature) which can help you capture high-quality images and videos (benefit).6. Those who read product reviews want to get detailed information about the product to help them make an informed purchase decision. So, you need to review every aspect of the product. If it is a smartphone, talk of the camera, operating system, screen size, internal storage, functionality, design, etc.7. Make sure to break down the review into subheadings. Use the FEATURES OF THE PRODUCT as your SUBHEADINGS. For readability.8. Include pros and cons in each product review you write; written in bullets. Your pros and cons should short and straightforward.9. Don’t mention price, place of purchase or customer reviews unless you are asked to do so by the client.10. Finish your product review with a verdict or bottom line. Not a conclusion. The verdict or bottom-line should be a summary of key features and specs that make you recommend the product to potential buyers. If you don’t want to recommend the product, just mention reasons/missing features that make you do so.PS: I charge 5k for article writing/copywriting training and mentorship. Today offering a 30% discount. Offer valid till 11 pm. PM or drop a message on WhatsApp 0718211110. No calls please

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