Eddie Njogu raised a serious concern here about experienced writers telling newbies to accept low rates. These are my reasons why I tell my trainees to accept low rates:1. Am jealous. I’m paid 3 bob per word by most clients. How can I train a newbie alipwe pesa mingi kuniliko? In fact, I tell them to reject higher rates or refer those clients to me. 2. After training, you have the copywriting/article writing skills but not experience. If you land a client paying more, they will expect nothing but quality. If you submit substandard work (because you lack experience), you will definitely lose that client or get low rating pale Upwork. So the question is, utawezana?3. After training, it is advisable to start with local clients who obviously pay low rates. They will help you hone your skills before you even thinking of a higher pay. Most local clients are not final clients so, they are likely to correct your work or share more tips 4.After graduation, you will get a job pale Cooperative bank as a teller. Because you don’t have any experience, you will start with a low pay. Why do you expect higher rates with these online freelancing ventures when you don’t have any experience?5. If you don’t want to hear any of my nonsense, go ahead and implement some of the tips we usually share here. Let nobody lie to you that you can’t make it. However, if you land a high paying client, as a trainee, it’s good to get your articles checked by any experienced writer before you submit them to your client. PS: Let’s keep grinding. The future is bright.

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